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I view the therapy process as a collaborative effort in which I provide a space that is open and non-judgmental so that together we can explore your presenting concerns. My primary counseling approach is based in humanistic and existential theories which means I believe change happens when we first feel seen, validated and understood. I am also interested in what meaning you have attached to your experiences, how that has shaped your personal narrative and how that may be operating in your life today.

My hope is that developing a deeper understanding of how your experiences and relationships have impacted you will create more opportunity for healing, growth, and agency. I believe each person brings their own unique set of strengths and resources which we will utilize in our work. The most important thing for you to know about me though is that I deeply believe in the transformative power of this work and I am honored to be on this journey with you. 


“When I first met Viktor I was going through a difficult time. He was supportive, encouraging, and helped me to make sense of my experiences.”


“I’ve been struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety, and relationship issues most of my life. When I met Viktor I was hesitant about sharing my vulnerabilities. He was kind and supportive. He created a safe space for me to process my experiences and develop a stronger sense of self.”


“I have been dealing with social anxiety for years. It would often limit my ability to pursue my interests. Through working with Viktor I’ve developed healthy coping skills and learned how to manage my anxiety.” 


“Viktor is compassionate, curious, and insightful. After each session I feel a little lighter.”


Viktor’s Areas of Specialty & Background 

Anxiety and Depression
Relationship Issues & Building
Grief & Bereavement 
Addiction & Impulse Control
Trauma Recovery
Identity Issues & Development 
Life Transitions

Academic Background
M.A. Counselor Education, Specialization: Clinical Mental Health CounselingVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Roanoke, VA 

B.A. in Psychology, Thesis: Attachment and Meaning Making, Northwest University, Kirkland, WA

Articles by Viktor

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