Sharda Wright | LCP

I believe that we all innately have the role of being the master of our own lives. However, as we continue on life’s journey, maintaining this role can become challenging for one reason or another. My treatment approach is coming alongside you to support as you help yourself. It is essential to foster an environment that is genuine, judgment free, tailored and has unconditional positive regard to allow you to yield to the desired change.

My specialty includes working with children, adolescents, young or emerging adults, adult individuals, couples, families and first-generation citizens or first-generation migrants.

I have a very eclectic approach as it relates to delivering the therapeutic process while utilizing the core fundamental techniques of counseling.


“I have always been skeptical about therapy because of the stereotypes and not wanting to be labeled. Working with Sharda has truly been a one of a kind experience as she was able to create an environment where I was able to just simply be my self.”


“Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries- once upon a time this word was not in my vocabulary and I never felt that I had this particular right. Upon finishing my sessions with Sharda, I learned how to apply the skill set of boundary setting and it has drastically improved many areas in my life, specifically my self-esteem!”


“I never realized the role that I played in consistently allowing conflict to be a part of my life. Through therapy, Sharda has created an environment to where I learned to explore my choices and developed accountability. This has been so rewarding!”


“As I transitioned into my 30’s, I began to experience some self- doubt, this caused a great deal of anxiety as I was always the person to have it figured out. While working with Sharda, I learned to give myself permission to ask for help and to understand that we all need someone as we go through this journey of life.”


Sharda’s Areas of Specialty & Background 

Pre-Marital & Couples

Religious Identity & Spirituality

Depression & Anxiety

Aggression & Anger Management

Sex Addictions & Pornography

Dating & Relationships

Academic Background

M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, National Lewis, Lisle, IL

B.A. in Psychology, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL

Articles by Sharda

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