Pete Marlow | LPC

Nobody has a life free from pain.

No matter how many times you give yourself the pep talk that everyone struggles with mental health, you may still have the nagging sense that others have things “figured out” and you don’t. The narrative of “my struggles make me less of a person than others who seem to have it all together,” is a lie. This thought has the power to make you feel lonely, weak, hopeless, and rob you of your sense of self-worth. The truth is life presents all of us with challenges that can come out of nowhere and are often unwarranted.

Trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, interpersonal conflict, loss of direction in life, a broken relationship or something unidentifiable that maybe can’t be named right now can all be effects manifested from these types of beliefs. 

In therapy, we work together to offer space to feel accepted, in control, and valued as we work toward turning your pain into meaning and purpose. You are the world’s foremost expert on yourself and through a collaborative process we combine your expertise with my therapy toolbox and knowledge of helping people examine and create the lives they want. When you feel seen and heard, mostly by your own self, powerful things can happen! This process will look different for every person based on your specific needs and interests. I’m here to show empathy, ask questions, encourage, challenge when needed, and listen intently as you go through the process of healing. Vulnerability is hard, especially for those culturally conditioned that vulnerability is weakness, but experiencing the discomfort of having a person join you in your pain is a way to grow.

I’m a person who has struggled with being truly vulnerable with people in my life. I thought I could protect myself if I kept everyone out. The change that occurred for me personally when I accepted the love and support from those I trust, allowing myself to be vulnerable with them, has been invaluable. I no longer feel isolated and hopeless. Knowing firsthand that change is possible is why making sure a client feels safe and in control is always at the forefront of mind. I want my clients to feel the freedom to be vulnerable, which allows true change to happen. 

Reaching out for help from a counselor can feel daunting. Sharing your story with someone for the first or even the fourth time brings a level of exposure and vulnerability we naturally want to avoid. As difficult as it seems, the benefit is freeing. If you feel the desire to start meeting with a therapist, I would be privileged to combine our efforts and work towards meaningful change. Schedule a session and let’s examine the past so we can look forward towards your future. 

Therapeutic Orientation & Technique: 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

Person-Centered Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Pronouns: He / Him / His

Pete’s Areas of Specialty & Background

Grief & Loss

Couples Work

Adjusting to Physical Disability or Illness

Anxiety & Depression

Career Shift & Exploration 

Spirituality & Religious Identity

Conflict Resolution

Sexuality & LGBTQIA+ Concerns

Trauma & Post-Traumatic Growth 

Anger Management 

Work & Home Life Stress Management

Sex Addiction

Academic Background

Master of Counseling, Spring Arbor University, Grand Rapids, MI

Bachelor of Business, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI


“I can’t believe the growth I saw. I had been trying to manage things on my own for so long, but after my time with Pete, I feel empowered and confident that I’m equipped with the right tools.”


“I looked forward to my session every week. The conversations we had and the questions Pete asked helped me learn more about myself and what I want my future to look like.”


The things I came to counseling to talk through were difficult, but Pete made me feel like I could trust him very quickly and he always let me go at my own pace.​”


“When we had to switch to telehealth because of COVID and I was nervous, but Pete helped me through the process. I was surprised that our telehealth sessions seemed just as productive as meeting in his office.”


Articles by Pete

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