Optimum Joy’s Team of Therapists

We are proud to be one of Chicago’s leading mental health practices.

Dr. Anna Quistad

Let’s turn unhealthy patterns into resilient coping. 


Jessica York

We’ll work together towards authenticity that feels great to live out.

Viktor Terpay

Mental Health Therapist

I help people create purpose in healthy relationships.


Roslyn Jordan

Stories, including yours, are meant to be meaningful & exciting! 


Alex Parlette

I help adults and couples move towards solutions and health.


Elise Champanhet

I help people understand & integrate their stories into a meaningful whole. Story is the springboard for life!

Natalie Wanders Hu

I give people practical tools to be well in life & relationships.


Clair Miller

I work with individuals to increase resiliancy & healing from difficult childhood experiences.

Sharda Wright

I tailor therapy to meet the client, ensuring counsling is exactly what you need.

Amie Bilson

I combine counseling with my nursing skills to treat a person holistically.

Pamela Larkin

I help individuals understand mental health & make choices for the future.




Alexandra Hoerr

I founded Optimum Joy hoping diverse people would find what they need to be mentally well.