Optimum Joy’s Team of Therapists

We are proud to be one of Chicago’s leading mental health practices.

Dr. Anna Quistad

Let’s turn unhealthy patterns into resilient coping.

Treshana Lewis

I tailor therapy to meet the client, ensuring counseling is exactly what you need.

Melissa Del Carmen

I help you put language to your experiences.

Bria McCalpin

Change can be unexpected, but together we can face anything.


Alex Parlette

I help adults and couples move towards solutions and health.


Jessica York

We’ll work together towards authenticity that feels great to live out.

Natalie Wanders Hu

I give people practical tools to be well in life & relationships.


Clair Miller

I work with individuals to increase resiliancy & healing from difficult childhood experiences.

Viktor Terpay

Mental Health Therapist

I help people create purpose in healthy relationships.


Elise Champanhet

I help people understand & integrate their stories into a meaningful whole. Story is the springboard for life!

Pamela Larkin

I help individuals understand mental health & make choices for the future.


Roslyn Jordan

Stories, including yours, are meant to be meaningful & exciting! 




Alexandra Hoerr

I founded Optimum Joy hoping diverse people would find what they need to be mentally well.