Keri Sawyer | LPC

We live in a world that is highly relational and we often find that our problems have systemic roots in relationship. I work with individuals who are interested in having healthy connections with self and others. For interpersonal health to be possible it is essential to foster a healthy relationship with oneself. When we are healthy we are able to interact with others in a way that does not cause us deep pain and ongoing frustration.

Our minds and bodies are deeply connected! Movement can be essential to growth and awareness. I typically utilize a combination of talk, experiential, and mindfulness approaches to help individuals experience healing in a dynamic way, connecting our minds back with our body and understanding emotions in a deeper way.

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Academic Background
M.A. in Counseling, Colorado Christian University, Lakewood, CO

B.A. Spiritual Formation, Wheaton College, Wheaton IL

Keri’s Areas of Specialty

College Students

Pornography Addiction

Substance Abuse 

Expressive Arts Therapy

Perfectionism & Anxiety

Relationships & Boundries 


“I’m so thankful I was able to see Keri. After working with her I am better at handling relational stressors because I now have a better understanding of who I am within relationships.” -KM

“I came to Keri very depressed and isolated. She helped me discover some key strengths I possess and now I see hope within my healing process.” -CR

“Keri is an unbelievably relational and perceptive person.  She has a uniquely calm persona that has helped me through a variety of issues I’ve been working on.” -JP

Articles by Keri

Finding Rest: Learning from Hermits

“You need rest.” You hear these three words from your friends, your family, and even from yourself. When you occasionally heed the advice you might try your best to get those coveted eight hours of sleep or plan to lounge around on the weekend, hoping that will do the...