Elise Champanhet | LPC

Belief  in the power of stories to transform has propelled me for as long as I can remember. My passion for counseling and healing comes from personal experiences with those who took the time to listen to my story. Sharing that hope for healing and seeing others reach restoration is a passion of mine. I believe healing begins in the safe space of allowing stories to be told. Often, the feeling of not being known or a sense of disconnection can permeate even the small moments of our days.  I want every individual I work with to feel seen, heard and known. We will do exactly that by exploring your own unique story! If you feel helpless in your current circumstances, I can come alongside you by providing comfortable space for you to move into forward motion. The path towards restoration, healing and hope is close.

A lack of direction in your individual story can make life appear aimless and lacking purpose. Maybe you have a story that is difficult and complex to tell, isolating you from others. Possibly you don’t even understand the narrative progression of your life! How are you supposed to ground yourself in confidence when you lack a clear purpose? I work with people to receive clarity by exploring and sharing tender stories in safety so they can own their stories in a meaningful way. Sometimes, simply gaining internal control in the face of difficult times is exactly what is needed. 

Narrative therapy is looking at your whole life story from a positive, empowering perspective and honestly asking, “What’s working right now?” We’ll identify how you kept strong in life, while also  evaluating what isn’t serving you well. Everyone has faulty narratives developed from previous experiences and operating in current life that mess us up! We will work together to examine those faulty narratives and do the hard work of correcting them. My goal is that you would leave our time together with a strong sense of the story about what makes you uniquely human.   

I work with adults of all ages and cultural backgrounds to help them reclaim past experiences, take control of their present, and work towards a future they envision. Together, we’ll examine your challenges, values, and goals to clear the path toward recovery. Let’s define what health looks like for you! Story is at the heartbeat of my work with people, and I appreciate people, including yourself, for letting me into the experiences that shape your life. 

Therapeutic Orientation & Techniques

Narrative Therapy

Utilize Dialectical Behavioral Theory

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Elise’s Areas of Specialty & Background


Ethnic & Religious Identity

Dysfunctional & Families Under Stress

Depression & Anxiety

Pre-Marital & Couples 

Trauma Recovery

Bipolar Disorder

Personality Disorders




Academic Background

M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Moody Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL

B.A. Intercultural Studies, Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL


“I started seeing Elise when everything in my life changed all at once. I was facing a lot of loss and my identity felt shaky. Our work together helped me feel like I reclaimed my sense of identity in line with my values.”


“Even though we come from very different backgrounds, I never felt judged by Elise. She met me where I was at and let me know that my opinions mattered.”


“Elise was immediately able to understand my struggles and put my doubts about therapy at ease. I felt heard and knew that she would work with me to understand my challenges from my perspective.”


“I didn’t even know that I needed to do narrative therapy work. I came into counseling not know what I needed to work on but that something was off. Elise guided me and helped me make the most out of my counseling experience.”


Articles by Elise

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