Daniel Pak | LPC

People commonly say life is a journey full of ups and downs. At moments it leaves us lost, trapped, or in pain. In our deeper valleys, we can feel ashamed, angry, hopeless, or isolated. Sometimes we do not even know what we feel other than that we are simply overwhelmed. Sadly, we do not always have the help or the resources to get through these downs due to various circumstances in our life. Therapy is not a fix-all solution to our problems, but it can be the catalyst to taking steps out of what can feel like a bottomless pit. It can be the change that will open up paths that we did not even realize were there or take on paths that we believed were too difficult for us to traverse. I hope that I can be a steadfast presence for support through whatever you are experiencing and help you find your path through the darkest of valleys.

First and foremost, I am focused on creating a space where you feel heard and understood. A place where you can come without feeling judged and be who you are. I strive to make this a foundation for our client-therapist relationship. From there, I am committed to finding a therapeutic approach that best fits you and helps you experience the most growth. I value a person-centered approach while using acceptance and commitment, emotion-focused, and cognitive-behavioral frameworks. I also look for ways to incorporate elements of experiential therapies whenever possible to provide another powerful avenue of expression.

If you are looking for help in navigating through life’s struggles, please do not hesitate to call and see if this is the right place for you! We can work on making this a critical step toward finding healing, growth, and peace.

Academic Background
M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Wheaton College Graduate School, IL

B.S. in Psychology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL

Daniel’s Areas of Specialty

Couples & Marriage

Generalized & Social Anxiety

Media & Video Game Misuse Problems

Anger Management

College & Young Adults

Sexuality, Sex Therapy, & Pornography



Articles by Daniel

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