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You are searching. That’s why you’re here.

It could be to resolve pain in your life.

It could be to pursue health and wholeness.

It could be because you’re curious like me about how our brain, body, soul and mind all intersect.

Experiences and information. You are on this journey of life, and there is one guarantee: difficulty! It takes form in pain, hardship, conflict, trauma. Maybe you’ve arrived at a spot where this guaranteed experience is making you question if you are enough to make it through.

Through this blog, I hope to facilitate your journey by providing fascinating information that truly impacts our daily experiences. Along my own journey I gleaned vital information about the human experience and how to heal through a combination of my training to become a therapist and coming alongside many individuals who found bravery within to move forward.

You too can be brave enough to take risks.

Subscribe to this blog for information helping you take those risks. I hope to provide relevant research from the mental health field, as well as thoughtful observations from my years of clinical work. In a moment of honesty, the more you read the blog posts here, the more you will come to know bits of my own journey. I, like you, desire health and healing in your life! I invite you to interact with this material through commenting and reaching out to me at Optimum Joy Clinical Counseling.

Pain is an unfortunate reality. Fortunately we have the capacity to be resilient and heal. That too is a reality.

I’m excited to journey together!

-Alexandra Hoerr, MA, LCPC

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