As we begin to move into the fall season, it is important to be conscious and aware that Summer is ending. For some people, this can be very hard because summer means hanging out at the beach, boating on the lake, being outside with friends, cookouts, and other great summer time activities are coming to an end. Although summer is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean that fall is going to be terrible, even though it might seem that way for some people. In this post, I want to discuss healthy coping strategies for people who love summer and hate when it ends.

Fall Activities

Summer is a great time with awesome weather and a lot of fun things to do. When summer is coming to an end, a lot of my clients start to voice their feelings of being depressed and sad because they will miss the summer-time activities. Although it is good to mourn the end of those activities for 8 months, there are also great things to look forward to in the fall. With the fall brings new outside activities that you are not able to do in the summer. Apple orchards are a great day-time activity to do during this upcoming season and is a great way to get outside and enjoy some nice fall weather. Instead of hanging out with friends at the beach, take everyone to an orchard where you can pick apples, drink cider, and of course try the doughnuts!


With the fall comes time for watching college and professional football games. Getting together with friends to watch a game – even if you don’t like to watch football – is a great way to be in community with people while having a good time. In Chicago, there are also plenty of chances to join fall sports recreational leagues. If you miss playing, or have always wanted to try playing football, softball, baseball, or soccer, then you can join a league. It’s a great way to meet new people who have a common interests in sports.


Chicago is full of great museums that are always bringing in new attractions. Sometimes, you can even get into these museums for free! Invite some friends, or go by yourself for some alone time, and check out the local museums. Chicago is lucky to have an amazing Art Institute, Shedd Aquarium, Planetarium, Science and Industry museum, and Field Museum. This list does not even include some of the other smaller museums around the city. Pick one to go to every weekend, and that gives you a month full of activity on the weekend.

Be Active

The important part to recognize is that even though summer is ending, fall is starting and brings along other fun experiences to be made. Get outside, be active, and have fun. Don’t feel like you have to stay inside because of the changing weather. There are still fun and exciting things to be done during the Fall season!

If you feel like you might need more support during the season change, I am always interested in meeting with you one on one. I know that reaching out for extra support can be hard, but there are a lot of benefits of coming in for counseling services. Please reach out, myself or another therapist here at Optimum Joy are always willing to meet with you!

Written by therapist Alex Parlette

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