Women are twice as likely to experience social anxiety as men. If you are a women who feels overwhelmed by social situations, start implementing these four tips highlighted in the video below. You can also continue scrolling to read the four strategies.

4 Tips to Conquer Social Anxiety

  1. Build relationships 1-on-1: Connecting with one person is far easier than trying to woo a room. Pick one person to focus on at a time, adding to your community bit by bit.
  2. Choose a person to be honest with about your experience of social anxiety: Having someone in your corner can feel immensely supportive! Tell a friend, family member, or therapist about your struggle. They can help you plan for and debrief social situations.
  3. View social mistakes as opportunities for growth: So you did something embarrassing. It happens even to the most confident! You are not a failure. Talk with someone or journal so you can process the situation and learn what to do differently next time.
  4. Practice small social skills: Preparation is key. When anxiety takes over, it will be more difficult to make eye contact or engage in small talk. Practicing before an overwhelming situation takes place gives your body the upper hand because it knows what it feels like to do these small social skills.

The Good News About Social Anxiety

Thankfully, social anxiety is highly treatable! With some work, you can be the confident and connected women. If you find you’re struggling to identify a trusted person to help you work through your social anxiety, give me a call. I would be glad to work together!

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