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Our Therapist’s Advice on Mental Wellness
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Emotions and Your Brain

Our brains are incredibly complex. That’s probably not news to you, but even in sitting down to write this blog, I’m struck again by just how intricate the structures and functions of the brain are. So much is happening up there! Dr. Daniel J. Siegel (M.D.) and Dr....

Wild at Heart: A Book Review

Wild at Heart is a book that I’ve loved incorporating with my male clients since I started practicing as a Therapist. The author, John Eldredge, is a Christian therapist who does a great job of being able to speak to men with all different types of backgrounds from a...

Perfectionist Procrastination

Recently, I have found myself having a lot of conversations with people about how much they struggle with procrastination. Many of them worry that it speaks to a moral failing or a deeper lack of motivation when they procrastinate. I often find myself procrastinating...