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Amie Bilson| LPC

Imagine you’re lost alone in the woods with a broken compass, an overweight backpack, and holes in your boots. You think, “How can I continue like this?”, “What’s the point?”, “Does anyone even care?” You’re exhausted, fearful and lonely.

I want you to know that you do not need to travel alone. There is hope to surprise the weary. We all need a safe place along the journey to set down our backpacks and rest, recover, regain our strength, and reflect upon where we’ve been, where we’re going, and how best to continue.

As a Mental Health Counselor and a Registered Nurse, I work from a holistic, trauma-informed perspective. I believe our health is an interplay between our physical bodies, our minds, our emotions, and our spirits. If one part of us is hurting and left untreated, the others are affected. I value collaborative relationships with my clients and believe that quality therapeutic relationships can facilitate lasting change. Together we can create a plan to help you start feeling better soon.

We’ll begin with goal setting to focus our time together and develop concrete strategies to manage stress and intense emotions. Later our work may involve looking at how childhood experiences or past traumatic events impact your life now. We will use experiential and mindfulness strategies, cognitive behavioral techniques, and motivational interviewing.

It is important to me that you feel safe, valued, and listened to as we work together. I look to partner with you and learn what you hope to gain from this process, and I’m happy to tailor our time together to your individual needs. If you have specific areas you’d like to cover, I’d love to hear more about that. Your feedback is very welcome.

Remember the woodsy analogy? When you’re lost, what’s better than a warm cabin with lights on and smoke coming from the chimney? Come in, put your backpack down, grab a hot beverage and rediscover your hope.

Amie’s Areas of Specialty & Background

Trauma & PTSD 

Grief & Bereavement

Chronic Pain & Illness

Depression & Anxiety

Stress Management & Life Transitions

Cross Cultural Field Preparation

Academic Background

M.A. in Mental Health Counseling, Trinity International University, Deerfield, IL

B.A. of Science in Nursing, Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO


“I told my sister after my first counseling session that I felt a sense of calm being with Amie. I get so worked up in my mind, but Amie has such a calming presence. I was unsure about starting with a new counselor, but I am glad I did.”


“This was my first time coming to counseling and I was pretty nervous. But I am so glad I did! Amie helped me discover new strategies for dealing with my anger. I have gained new insight about my triggers and am able to respond differently than I did in the past. This has helped improve several important relationships in my life.”


“I never feel like I am being judged. I know we have some different perspectives about life, but I always feel respected. Amie has helped me think through my responses to others. Sometimes I am not proud of how I handle things, but it feels really good to be honest and know that I’m not being rejected for my poor decisions.”


“I am really thankful to be working with Amie. The past 6 months have been really difficult for me. I was feeling really ashamed and hopeless, but each week I started to feel more confident that I could get through these tough times. Amie is encouraging, patient, and kind.”


Articles by Amie

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