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I have seen the positive healing effects of counseling not only in my personal life, but in the life of my clients. Everyone is unique and has their own highs and lows, and I love being with people when they are in both spaces. I want everyone that I work with to feel like they are understood, heard, and that they matter. I strive to be able to provide a space for everyone to grow into their best self.

As a counselor I strive to provide effective treatment that respects the client’s values and culture. I follow a more eclectic approach to therapy that combines Cognitive Behavioral and Psychoanalytical counseling to guide people towards their goals. I work with children and adults of all ages and cultural backgrounds, to help them reconcile past experiences, live in the present and work towards the future to be able to live their meaningful life. I look forward to working and walking with you towards a healthy and fulfilled future.


“I had been to therapy many times before with many different therapists, but I always stop short after I started because I never felt understood by my therapist. Alex was different. I felt understood and heard right away and he was able to meet me where I was at.”


“Alex was immediately able to understand my past struggles that were leading to my aggressive outbursts.  After some Christian Integrated therapy, I was able to see the man I wanted to be, and a road to get me there. Even though there were bumps and turns along the way, I feel like I have the coping skills to help me be the person I want to be.”


“My boyfriend and I started seeing Alex when it felt like our relationship was about to explode. After meeting with Alex for a few sessions we were able to start to communicate with each other better and we started being able to resolve our conflict instead of it just looming over our heads.”


“I have never worked with a male therapist before, but feel like it stretched and challenged me in a new way. He really met me where I was at and it felt like an easy click to start working together. Honestly I tell my friends to go see him all the time!”


Alex’s Areas of Specialty & Background 

Pre-Marital & Couples

Religious Identity & Spirituality

Depression & Anxiety

Aggression & Anger Management

Sex Addictions & Pornography

Dating & Relationships

Academic Background

M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Moody Theological Seminary, Chicago, IL

B.A. in Religious Studies, North Central College, Naperville, IL

Articles by Alex

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