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About Optimum Joy

Welcome to Optimum Joy. We are committed to providing professional counseling services when you need them the most. We offer services for individuals, couples and families. We are dedicated to helping people from diverse backgrounds pursue self-awareness, personal development, and healthy, fulfilling relationships. We recognize that people sometimes feel stuck or don’t know how to move towards their dreams. Optimum Joy therapists help you increase your awareness and understanding of life’s challenges so you can know your options for change.

Each therapist on staff has specific specializations and experience in areas including: anxiety & depression, women’s and men’s unique issues, grief, abuse & trauma recovery, eating disorders, marriage and family therapy, substance misuse, and childhood trauma. When you call, our intake personnel listens and matches you with the therapist on staff most capable of meeting your unique needs.

Optimum Joy therapists also offer counseling services combining quality care with faith sensitivity. Each therapist has experience and training in integrating Christian worldview into your care at the level you need. While we are committed to making Christian integration services available, we partner with clients from any background and walk of life. Bottom line: we know you are invested in your healing process, and we are glad to partner with you in a professional and culturally sensitive way.

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Why People Choose Optimum Joy

“When I came to Optimum Joy, my life was so stressful! With their help I feel lighter and happier for the first time in a long time.” -EF

“Mindfulness! Mindfulness! Mindfulness! I didn’t realize how tuned-out of my emotions I was. Alex helped me get back into listening to myself and practicing mindfulness. I literally use it all the time to ground me when I am feel anxious.” -CS

“My husband and I have tried to work through our trust stuff seemingly our entire marriage. After lots of hard work and difficult conversations at Optimum Joy, we are feeling so connected!” -MS

“If you’re thinking about counseling…do it! Best personal investment I have ever made.” -TD

“From the first phone call I knew I would be well taken care of. It took a lot for me to reach out. I have difficulty connecting, but I felt so welcomed and understood.” -AH

“I think back on my life before- anxious, perfectionistic, judgemental- and I can’t believe it comes from the same person. I’ve come a long way. It feels good to be comfortable in my own skin and accepting of others around me.” -CR

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